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The Unknown Strength Podcast - episode #1 is live now on SoundCloud & iTunes! In episode #1 we chat with UFC middleweight and Melbourne martial arts legend Daniel Kelly. Co-hosts Brenton McKiterick, Steve Phillips and Macgregor McNair had the pleasure of interviewing Dan Kelly amidst preparation for his upcoming fight against former UFC light heavyweight Champion Rashad Evans at UFC 209, on March 4th 2017. Dan shares his insights into mental preparation for his fights, the state of MMA and Judo today, and a whole bunch of awesome stuff we've come to expect from the 4 time Olympic Judo competitor and iconic Aussie battler! Visit Dan Kelly's athlete page on Facebook to help support him and his team as they prepare for UFC 209!

Perpetually slated as the 'underdog', Dan has continued to defy his critics; exemplifying an unyielding style, marching down his opponents like a relentlessly terrifying freight train, earning an impressive record in the octagon thus far of 6-2.

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