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[PRO RAW X Powerlifting Special] Join Macgregor and special guest co-host Ben Machar for episode #13 of The Unknown Strength Podcast. In this brand new episode, Dr. Jordan Shallow stops by to discuss all things Chiropractic, strength training related, and his experience competing at the PRO RAW X Powerlifting event held at the Arnold Classic 2018 event in Melbourne.

Both Jordan and Ben competed at PRO RAW X, and share their experiences from one of the ‘crown jewels’ of the Raw Powerlifting competition calendar. Listen out for these guys discussing Vlad Alzahov’s history-making 505kg Raw Squat world record he achieved at PRO RAW X.

Dr. Jordan Shallow is a PHD Chiropractor, co-founder of Pre-Script, Head Strength and Conditioning coach for the Stanford University Rugby program, co-host of renowned podcast Rx’d Radio, and world-class Raw powerlifting competitor.

Special thanks to MMA Fight Store, Jiu-go, Killed by Technology, Pre-Script, Rx’d radio, GPC Powerlifting, Eddy Coan.

Listen on SoundCloud -> https://goo.gl/Q1erxv
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