#19 DJ Jackson [Boa Super 8 Series] – The Unknown Strength Podcast

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Whether you know him as the “Ram-Man”, the “Kimura Kid” or as simply a relentless pressure machine terrorizing competition with his takedowns and crushing top game, DJ Jackson joins us on the latest episode of The Unknown Strength Podcast, all the way from the United States, in Maryland.
We talk strategy, how DJ cultivates his ‘game’, who he would like to face in a super-fight (*cough* Kit Dale), as well as his aspirations for the UFC.

DJ will be joining a star-studded roster at Boa Super 8, June 23rd in hopes of bringing the $20,000 back to Maryland.
In order to do so, he’ll have to topple the likes of Craig Jones, Philippe Pomaski, Michael Perez, James Brasco, Stuart Cooper (replacing Charles Negromonte), Ben Hodgkinson and the Boa Contender winner, Roberto Dib Frias.

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