#20 Tony Ricci (PART 1) - The Unknown Strength Podcast

#20 Tony Ricci (PART 1) – The Unknown Strength Podcast

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Here it is, ladies and gentlemen! Episode #20 of The Unknown Strength Podcast featuring Professor Tony Ricci! We have completed the four horsemen of the Fight Science Institute by interviewing the last of the four founders in Tony Ricci.

We have been talking about this one for a few months now, and now here you have it! In part 1 of this interview Mac and Tony discuss a range of topics relating to the Fight Science Institute, UFC Performance Institute, Tony's academic background and achievements, and many other fascinating snippets from Tony's vast experience and knowledge in the strength & conditioning/performance coaching fields.

Some of Tony's credentials/achievements are:
* Assistant Professor of Sports Science and Nutritional Biochemistry at Long Island university
* Doctoral research in Nutrition and Neuroenergetics
* Current doctoral research in Sports Psychology and Neurocognition
* Masters degrees in both Sports Science and Nutrition
* He has been working with fighters since the early days of the UFC, in the Ken Shamrock/Guy Mezger Lion’s Den days (mid ‘90s), and has worked with a laundry list of fighters over the last 25 years
* Co-host of the brilliant podcast mmaandbeyond.com/

Be on the lookout for PART 2 of the interview coming soon!

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