#23 Luke Leaman & Ben Machar - The Unknown Strength Podcast

#23 Luke Leaman & Ben Machar – The Unknown Strength Podcast

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Happy 2019 everyone!! To bring in the new year, Brenton and Mac welcome back the founder of Muscle Nerds Inc., Luke Leaman (see episodes #2 & #3) and the founder of Mach Performance/Aussie Powerlifting superstar Ben Machar (see episode #13).

In an very NSFW episode, the boys crack open a bottle of blended Scotch Whiskey and let the conversation flow. The range of topics covered in this broad conversation include:

* Autoregulation and recovery in training
* Trauma and emotional considerations in coaching general population
* Incorporating "Least Mode" in your training
* The biochemistry of fat-loss
* The nuances of coaching for general population
* Nervous, emotional, muscular, cellular recovery
* "The Lactate Scout"
* Metabolic flexibility
* Poop health IG @isaacdavidson_
* Fight/Flight/Freeze/Facade
* Modern medicine in strength/health training
* Ben Machar's approach to coaching general population
* Minimum recoverable volume
* Lifting technique as a priority
* Ben's theory of autoregulation
* Sympathetic/Parasympathetic drive
* The 'Coach's eye"
* The state of the Personal Training Industry....
* The Muscle Nerds Education Program
* Paying homage to your source of information
* Paying respect and homage to Charles Poliquin (RIP)
* The future for "Strength Sensei"
* Luke Leaman NOW DOES BJJ ! (Brenton kicked his ass for like 30mins)
* Luke's experience with BJJ, white belt philosophies
* Ben Machar's powerlifting journey
* Online coaching and the "personal" element of coaching
* Working with stressed out/overwhelmed clients
* Being transparent on social media about wins and losses
* BJJ philosophy
.... and much, much more!

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We sincerely hope you enjoy the episode,

Brenton & Mac

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