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#24 Dan Garner - The Unknown Strength Podcast

#24 Dan Garner – The Unknown Strength Podcast

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On episode #24 we had the honour of being joined by the high-level nutrition specialist, Mr. Dan Garner. Currently in Melbourne with the Australian leg of his Seminar tour, Dan Garner was able to join your host Macgregor McNair in studio for an incredibly insightful chat about all things related to nutrition and supplementation for fighters.

Having coached the likes of UFC superstar Ronda Rousey, former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping, as well as a year-round stable of clientele within the UFC, MLB, NHL, NFL, and Olympians, Coach Dan Garner has a lot to say about the science behind nutrition and evidence-based-practice in athletic development.

Some of the topics covered in this episode:
* Some of Dan's finest achievements in his career
* Myths, fallacies and worst practices in the fight game
* weight cutting for fighters
* pre/intra/post workout nutrition for fighters
* hydration and electrolyte balance for optimal performance
* nutrient timing
* do carbohydrates make you fat?
* keto & intermittent fasting are sub-optimal for fight performance
* Dan's upcoming Sydney seminar on the 22nd-24th Feb 2019 at the Rendezvous Hotel in Sydney Central
* mastering the basics of nutrition - getting great at being average, then working towards being great at being great
* common signs of overtraining heading into fight week

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Please check out Dan Garner's website for more info about his coaching business and coaching mentorship programs at www.coachgarner.com and be sure to follow Dan on instagram @dangarnernutrition

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