[ADCC Competitor Series] Lachlan Giles - The Unknown Strength Podcast

[ADCC Competitor Series] Lachlan Giles – The Unknown Strength Podcast

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On this episode of The Unknown Strength Podcast, Brenton and Mac sat down with one of Australia's most seasoned and decorated grapplers, Lachlan Giles; or as he is more popularly known as, "The Velachiraptor"!

Lachlan has competed and featured in virtually every major JiuJitsu tournament out there, forging an incredible legacy in doing so through a highly successful grappling career. Yet again, he has qualified for the ADCC World Championships held in Finland on September 23 and 24 - arguably the most prestigious grappling tournament in the world.

Lachlan shares his thoughts on his preparation for the tournament, the Australian JiuJitsu scene, the controversy of leglocks, the unequivocal "truth" of being a black belt, competition mindset and much more.

We hope you enjoy the episode and stay tuned - this is the first part of an Aussie ADCC mini-series that will later feature Craig Jones and Kit Dale!

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