Kim Cousins overtraining

Minimum effective dose

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One of the beautiful things about Mixed Martial Arts is the coming together of several very different Martial Arts disciplines. This generally means that in order to develop into a highly successful MMA fighter, one must dedicate an enormous amount of time to training in all of these different disciplines. Strength and Conditioning can sometimes be an afterthought for Mixed …

Upper body remedial exercises for fight athletes

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For grapplers and MMA fighters, sometimes the strength of your rotator cuff, scapula retractors and other shoulder stabilising musculature can be the difference between escaping and getting caught in an armbar, kimura or other upper extremity submission. The strength of your shoulder’s stabilising musculature is really your last line of defence when it comes to escaping the arm-based submission. Your …

Simple, done well

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Training philosophies: “Simple, done well” A lot of athletes and coaches alike are guilty of falling victim to the latest trends, being influenced by the latest studies or the hottest new methodologies on the scene. The simple truth is that most of the time, these hot new products and methods are really nothing new, they are just rehashed and repackaged, …