Matt Wickham

Which sport(s) do you compete in?
In the early 90’s I competed in Karate and kickboxing tournaments. Competed in Iaido ( Sword) in 2010. Spend more time on the side line coaching  but  Since 2010 I started competing in masters in BJJ.

What is your current record?
2nd Place under the 91kg Master Gi at 2016 AFBJJ NSW Canberra
1st Place under 91KG Master 3 -Gi at 2015 IBJJF Melbourne Open
2nd Place under 97Kg Masters Gi at 2014 South Australian Championship in Adelaide
2nd Place over 97kg Masters NoGi at 2014 South Australian Championship in Adelaide
1st Place 91kg Blue Belt Seniors Gi at 2013 Pan Pacific BJJ Championships in Melbourne
2nd Place 91kg Blue Belt Masters No Gi at 2013 Pan Pacific BJJ Championships Melbourne
Shepparton 1994 1st Place Adults Shoot wrestling (BJJ)
Nathalia 1994 1ST Place Adults Shoot wrestling (BJJ)

When and how did you start BJJ?
In the early 90’s did a few seminars with John Will then started to have some interested into Bjj and the only person in my area at the time was Paul Cale. He was in Swan Hill I was in Echuca ( 1.5 hour drive) at that time he was a blue belt. Started with Paul in 1998 then he moved away to follow his work. At that Time Paul was under Extreme ( John Donehue) so I started under John in 2000. On my travels I also train with Mick Moloney in Mildura. He said that I should train with his coach at that time he was with Thiago Stefanutti so I meet up with Coach Thiago and move under him in  2013 and been under his guidance every since.    

How would you describe your style?
My son  Mitchell said  I’m into pressure and I change my game as I learn. Many years I loved closed guard but now more into half guard. I like to think that I try not to have any style just learn all areas.

Who are your BJJ/MMA heroes and why?
I don’t really have any hero’s and if I had to say someone it would be my coach for supporting and helping me with my Jiu-jitsu. Other hero’s would be my students as they believe in me and I love seeing them succeed.

What is your most memorable BJJ moment?
Pan Pac’s in 2013 winning Gold. Had some great opponents that day.

What are your goals and motivation to compete?
The competition for me is about testing myself and also to step out of my comfort zone. We can get complacent and doing a comp can help you focused and also it can show you your weak points too. The competition also help me with my coaching, I’m able to share that experience with me student to help them for competitions.  

What does your weekly training schedule look like (including S&C)?In your opinion, what do you think most BJJ athletes  lack in their training?
As I run a Building business during the day and a Martial arts Centre at night I don’t get much free time so I try and do part of each Class. When coaching BJJ I like to join in if possible and then wrestling. Regards to strength and conditioning I get two session a week in and if I have time and extra when possible.

What are your highest values in your BJJ and training life?
Never stop training and respect everyone and help others when they ask.

What do you do for fun or to relax outside of your training/competition schedule?
When you have a family of 3 children not much spare time but to relaxe, I like to watch movies and spend time with my wife.

How has Strength & Conditioning impacted your BJJ?
I have just started the program  but so far it’s been great, wish I started a long time ago. I am hoping that it will help me prevent injuries and also give me the strength when I need it. Most of all it’s to help maintain a healthier life too!