Matthew Cleave

Which sport(s) do you compete in?

I compete in amateur boxing.

What is your current record?

31 fights 16 wins (2tko)

When and how did you start Boxing?

I started boxing at the age of 15. It was initially just to learn boxing for self defence, the more I learnt and the more my skills progressed made me realise I could compete if I set my mind to it.

How would you describe your style?

I am an orthodox fighter, I always try to box in a technically sound way. I would much prefer see the skills and art in boxing rather then two people brawling in the ring. So I try and emulate that in my style.

Who are your Boxing heroes and why?

I have a lot of favourite boxers from all different era's, I would say each one resembles someone who is a complete fighter. Someone who can box on the front and back foot, fight from range and in close, brawl if they need to but all whilst staying technically correct. Just to name a few: Sugar Ray Robinson, Sugar Ray Leonard, Roy Jones Jr.

What is your most memorable Boxing moment?

Winning the novice/ intermediate Victorian titles in my 2nd fight.

What are your goals and motivation to compete?

I want to become the best at my weight and to compete on the world stage regularly, with the intentions to turn pro!

What does your weekly training schedule look like (including S&C)?
Monday: 6:15pm Strength session.
Tuesday: 6:15am Conditioning, 5:30pm boxing session.
Wednesday: 5:30pm boxing session.
Thursday: 6:15am Conditioning, 6:15pm strength session.
Friday: 5:30pm boxing session
Saturday: if I'm not sparring, it will usually be a run 5-10km
Sunday: recovery

In your opinion, what do you think most Boxers lack in their training?

I believe strength and conditioning is one of the biggest things that is left out, which i think is what can lead to injuries!

What are your highest values in your Boxing and training life?

Respect, and bringing the best out in myself whilst continuously striving to improve.

What do you do for fun or to relax outside of your training/competition schedule?

During my down time I do like to catch up with friends, and spend time with my girlfriend. I also enjoy getting out of the city!

How has Strength & Conditioning impacted your Boxing?

Strength and conditioning has definitely helped prevent injuries/ tendon pain through my shoulders which is something I used to feel quite often. I also feel it has helped a lot with my posture and correcting a lot of my non dominate muscles due to the repetition of boxing. It is also helping a lot with the strength in my lower body.