Teresa Marcello

Teresa McNair

Which sport(s) do you compete in?
What is your belt rank?
​White belt 1 strip​e
When and how did you start BJJ?
A friend introduced me to BJJ about 2.5 years ago, he was a purple belt at the time and thought I would really enjoy it. I was looking to start a martial art at the time, just to have a bit of confidence that I could defend myself if the need ever arose and I was looking to try something new.
How would you describe your style?
​Top game at the moment, but I am working hard to be comfortable and attacking from the bottom, who knows where that might lead me in the next few years. ​
Who are your BJJ/MMA heroes and why?
​Black belts, because they have shown the dedication and perseverance to get to the highest level. Their passion for the art that they want to teach and impart their knowledge and love of BJJ to others. ​
What is your most memorable BJJ moment?
​Winning my very first Gi comp - Grappling Industries​
What are your goals and motivation to compete?
​To keep testing my game and finding weaknesses that I can improve on. Putting myself in situations outside my comfort zone so I can grow more as a person.
What does your weekly training schedule look like (including S&C)?
​5 x BJJ
2-3 x strength
2 x conditioning
In your opinion, what do you think most BJJ/MMA practitioners lack in their training?
​Specialised Strength and Conditioning
Sports Psychology
​Time to do everything ​
What are your highest values in your BJJ and training life?
​Respect your coach and team mates, friendship, self reflection, self motivation and consistency​
What do you do for fun or to relax outside of your training/competition schedule?
Watch live music, ​hang out with friends over dinner or watching UFC
How has Strength & Conditioning impacted your BJJ?
Strength -I find has been especially important for injury prevention and control during rolling.

Being better conditioned I don't get tired at training, I make better decisions, I can roll harder and usually for a longer duration and generally my rolls are of a higher quality.​