Cable External Rotation – Exercise Tutorial

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– In the second instalment of our upper body stabilisation series of exercise tutorials, we have the Cable External Rotation. This exercise is a great option for both strikers and grapplers, to build strength, stability and resilience through the shoulder to withstand the punishment inflicted by the combat sports. One of the specific benefits for grapplers and MMA fighters is …

The Trap 3 Raise – exercise tutorial

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– As part of our new exercise tutorial series, we have decided to share our upper body stabilisation exercise protocols. First up, the DB Trap 3 raise! The Trap 3 Raise is an excellent exercise, particularly in a structural balance training phase, for strengthening the scapula retractors and building stability through the the shoulder joint. The key here is to …

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Brenton McKiterick back squat

Squat technique: Maximising Glute drive

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In the opinion of many titans in the strength and conditioning field, the barbell back squat is the single most beneficial of the compound movements for athletic development. It’s application can have significant benefits for the development of relative & maximal strength, hypertrophy and rate of force (speed, power). In this short article, I will be discussing some technical details …

Bench Press

Bench Press Technique: Foot placement and floor drive

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One misconception about the bench press which I continually come across is that the bench press is a chest exercise. While it is true, the chest is the region of the body which is home to a prime mover muscle group of the bench press movement (the pectorals), I would argue that the bench press when performed optimally is a …

Manipulating lifting tempo to your advantage

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An often neglected variable in strength training, the speed or tempo, at which the lift is performed through the different phases of movement, can have a profound impact on how effective the particular exercise is at getting you toward your goal. Whether you are training for relative strength, functional hypertrophy, rate of force development, power or speed – I encourage …

Anti-lateral flexion: The DB Single Farmer's carry

“Core” training for fighters: a different perspective

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When it comes to “core” training for fight athletes, it is very common for coaches and athletes to get caught up with training in a single plane of motion, eg hip flexion or ‘crunches’ and ‘leg raises’, while neglecting some of the more effective core movement patterns and anti-movement patterns. Training only the traditional ab exercises through the hip flexion …

Which kind of squat is suitable for the fight athlete?

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I have heard many convincing arguments over the years about who should be doing which kind of squat to which depth, with which degree of knee progression over the foot etc. The proponents of each kind of squat methodology can tend to fiercely defend their position, with little concern for alternative and sometimes more effective ways of doing things. As …

Periodisation for Structural Balance

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If you have been following my writing, you will have noticed that I place a lot of importance on the development of structural balance for beginners to strength training. With regard to fight athletes, I maintain that the importance of adequate levels of structural balance cannot be understated. For optimal performance in strength training for any athletic development, I would …

Lower body remedial exercises for fight athletes

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Lifting heavy is awesome, I’m not going to lie. It’s one of the most incredibly rewarding things anyone can do with their life. But like a lot of things in life, if you don’t spend some time on the foundations, the whole thing can come collapsing down. For fight athletes there is a long list of benefits from strength training …

Training the Aerobic energy systems

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Over the last 15 years or so, it has become popular to dislike and avoid training the aerobic energy systems for high performance athletes in the combat sports. I know, I was a hater. There are a lot of convincing arguments on both sides as to why you should or should not include training the aerobic energy systems. These days …