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The “functional” training delusion

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Over the last couple of decades, the fitness industry has seen an endless wave of fads, trends and gimmicks which can serve little purpose other than to line the pockets of those peddling them. Everything from fancy gadgets like altitude training masks, questionable techniques like occlusion training, controversial dieting strategies like intermittent fasting, all the way through to excessive fatigue-inducing …

Top 5 mistakes fight athletes make in strength training

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I have been around fighters and the Strength & Conditioning community long enough to have just about seen it all when it comes to epic fails on the gym floor.  From hilarious misuse of equipment, to career-ending injuries doing innocuous exercises, I’ve witnessed a lot of shit. Today I thought it would be fun to share with you my top …

Long term planning – “the longevity protocol”

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Another great quote I have heard a million times in Strength & Conditioning circles is, “it is easy to make an athlete tired, it is very difficult to make an athlete better at their sport.” This is one axiom I base most of my methods and planning around because an athlete who is burned out and overtrained is not going …

Lower body strength training for strikers

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It is no secret that I am the world’s biggest proponent of strength training for fight athletes, but the thing that sparked my interest in writing this piece was a conversation I overheard between two boxers recently. I will spare you the specifics, but in essence one boxer was trying to argue that it is pointless for boxers to train …

Brenton McKiterick back squat

3 tips to enhance performance

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While I could easily reel off a list of probably 25-30 tips for naturally enhancing athletic performance for fight athletes, I have refined it down to my top 3. These are three things that everyone can do, and everyone can start doing RIGHT NOW. As they say, ‘where there is a will, there is a way’, and if there is …

Kim Cousins overtraining

Minimum effective dose

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One of the beautiful things about Mixed Martial Arts is the coming together of several very different Martial Arts disciplines. This generally means that in order to develop into a highly successful MMA fighter, one must dedicate an enormous amount of time to training in all of these different disciplines. Strength and Conditioning can sometimes be an afterthought for Mixed …

Simple, done well

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Training philosophies: “Simple, done well” A lot of athletes and coaches alike are guilty of falling victim to the latest trends, being influenced by the latest studies or the hottest new methodologies on the scene. The simple truth is that most of the time, these hot new products and methods are really nothing new, they are just rehashed and repackaged, …