12 Week Online Group Training Program

At The Unknown Strength & Conditioning, we aim to help fight athletes transform their lives and careers to reach out and take what is theirs, to fully realise their true potential in their sport and in all areas of life.  We offer unique, combat-sport specific, scientifically backed and highly effective strength & conditioning coaching for fight athletes. Whether you are a boxing, kickboxing, BJJ, Wrestling, Judo or MMA fighter, The Unknown offers you the most elite and personalised Strength & Conditioning coaching available. Our goal is to provide high quality services utilizing the most reliable scientific methodologies in strength and conditioning training in order to build strong and powerful athletes.

We offer both Online and In-Person strength and conditioning coaching programs to help you take your fight game to the highest competitive level based on your goals and commitment level.

We are now proud to announce our latest product, The Group Online Coaching platform.  By providing a cost effective coaching solution for amateur and semi-professional fighters of several different disciplines, The Unknown has set out to help more athletes than ever reach their highest potential.

This program is an intelligently structured way to train so that you’ll gain a net increase in cage/mat/ring time over the long run being injury-free, stronger and better conditioned, which leads to better quality time on the mats with better mental acuity and skill acquisition.

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- 12 Weeks

- Online training program

- World class Strength & Conditioning Coach and team

- Designed for fight athletes

- Guides and videos

- First training course of its kind