Pallof Press – Exercise Tutorial

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This is the first instalment in our core stabilisation series of exercise tutorials, ladies and gentlemen we introduce the Pallof press.

The Pallof Press has been around since the late 1990's when John Pallof popularised this exercise to promote core stabilisation, injury prevention, proper joint alignment and movement.

The nature of this exercise is anti-rotation of the torso, strengthening the rectus abdominus, internal and external obliques, transverse abdominus and erector spinae musculature from potentially damaging shearing and rotational forces throughout different movement patterns.

In the context of grappling, resisting against torso rotation is paramount for maintaining positional control. Static anti-rotation is a fundamental requirement of effective grappling. In all main planes of motion, flexion, hyperextension, rotation and lateral flexion, grapplers must be able to stabilise and resist against multiple force angles to maintain posture and positional control.

Specifically for strikers, punching power is generated from rotational force initiated by the lower body - it is the legs which drive down into the floor, initiating the upward force to be transferred into the the upper body and into the target. This rotational force is not generated by the spinal erectors, but stabilised and transferred by them. By creating proximal stiffness and stability through the lumbar spine, the rotational force is more effectively transferred through the upper body, through the arm and fist into the target.

The Pallof Press is extremely effective at helping increase proximal stiffness and stability through the lumbar spine and core musculature to boost strength, stability, performance, joint alignment and injury prevention.

Special thanks to Unknown coach Nadia Piazza, Unknown sponsored Boxing athlete Matt Cleave, and videographer Teresa McNair.

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