Posterior Flye to Scarecrow Press – Exercise Tutorial

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In the fifth instalment of our upper body stabilisation series of exercise tutorials, we feature the Posterior Flye to Scarecrow press.

This is not a very common exercise, and I was first exposed to it by Jim "Smitty" Smith from Diesel SC. As it is a more advanced remedial exercise, you might consider employing this lift during the later phases of a structural balance training cycle.

There are 3 main component of this lift, which make it more advanced than some of the basic remedial exercises with only one or two components. The first component of the lift is the scapulae retraction, strengthening the lower & middle traps and the rhomboids which is important for creating the most amount of shoulder stability and resilience for both strikers and grapplers.

The second component of the lift is the external rotation of the shoulder, which again is important for shoulder stability, resilience and mobility for all fighting disciplines. One thing to note about the external rotation component of this exercise is the angle of the torso - being on a 45° incline the gravitational forces will overload a different portion of the strength curve than that of an upright or 90° torso angle. The aim here is to eliminate any weakness in the strength curve of the external rotation movement pattern by using different exercises which overload different portions of the strength curve.

The third component of this lift is the overhead pressing movement. By engaging all three major heads of the deltoids due to the torso angle, this component introduces a more compound movement pattern (multiple joints involved) and forces the abdominals and erector spinae (lumbar) muscles to brace and engage hard to stabilise the torso at full extension.

You will notice in the video I prescribed a 3010 or 2010 tempo, I did not explain that all I am counting for the tempo is the overhead pressing component to keep things simple. For a complex exercise like this, I am only choosing to prescribe a tempo for the most challenging component of the lift.

Many thanks to Unknown coach Nadia Piazza, Unknown sponsored athlete Cooper Burnham, and videographer Teresa McNair.

Thanks for watching, and enjoy.

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