Seated Cable Iceman – Exercise Tutorial

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In the sixth instalment of our upper body stabilisation series of exercise tutorials, we introduce to you the seated cable iceman.

This is another uncommon exercise, yet it is very effective at isolating scapula retraction, thoracic extension, as well as activating and engaging the latissimus dorsi muscles. Due to the isolation of the shoulder extension movement pattern, lighter loads must be used compared with conventional rowing exercises. For this reason, the iceman might be best utilised in the initial phases of a structural balance training cycle to teach the trainee proper engagement of the target muscles to help correct any muscular or postural imbalances.

The iceman is a great exercise for beginners because it reinforces healthy posture and shoulder positioning while strengthening the shoulder stabilising muscles - which in turn translates into greater strength output in upper body presses and pulls, as well as greater levels of shoulder stability and resilience to the stresses of the combat sports.

Be sure to keep the torso upright with a neutral lumbar spine position, as you bring the elbows back behind the torso extend the spine and lift the chest upwards.

Many thanks to Unknown sponsored BJJ athlete Cooper Burnham, Unknown coach Nadia Piazza, and videographer Teresa McNair.

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