At The Unknown Strength & Conditioning, we offer unique, combat-sport specific, scientifically backed and highly effective strength & conditioning coaching for fight athletes. Whether you are a boxing, kickboxing, BJJ, Wrestling, Judo or MMA practitioner, The Unknown offers you the most elite and personalised Strength & Conditioning coaching available.

We offer both Online and In-Person coaching programs to help you take your fight game to the highest competitive level based on your goals and commitment level.

The fact of the matter is that in this industry, you get what you pay for. If you are only willing to sacrifice the bare minimum in time, effort and finances, you can expect barely more than mediocre results.

What we offer is the amalgamation of; a) hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of the highest calibre of ongoing industry education; b) years and countless hours of experience training general population and athletes of all walks of life; c) years of constant refinement of training methodologies and coaching techniques to get the best results out of our trainees; and d) countless hours of training and competition experience on the mats and in the cage, so we know exactly what a fight athlete must go through - we have been there ourselves.

The highest values which we uphold and instill in our athletes are as follows:

* "Strength is the mother of all qualities" - Dietmar Schmidtbleicher. Development of physical strength qualities is the highest priority for our athletes. As the levels of strength increase, so do the potential increases in conditioning levels, cardiovascular efficiency, energy systems development and injury prevention. The discipline and dedication required to build optimal levels of strength will carry over and translate into other areas of development for physical and mental preparation for combat sports, every area of your life will improve as you build physical strength - therefore the development of physical strength must be the primary focus for athletic development.

* “What you can measure, you can master” - Unknown. Taking a scientific approach has been the key to success for every single one of our mentors in the strength & conditioning realm. We demand our athletes to honestly and accurately measure and analyse all aspects of physical maintenance and development. This will include training, nutrition, supplementation, HRV, sleep cycles, mobility/myotherapy and active recovery. Accountability will mean the difference between success and failure in measuring and mastering athletic development, therefore we intend to hold you 100% accountable to measuring and logging the above metrics during “Fight Camp”.

* “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” - Tim Notke. Hard work, discipline, consistency and refinement will be the foundations of your journey with us. Your success depends on these factors, and the better you become at “self-parenting” the better results you can expect from this relationship.

If you are ready to take the next step and explore your journey towards becoming the most lethal version of yourself, and are ready to take on the hard work, challenges and sacrifices necessary to elevate your effectiveness in competition - contact us today.



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