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Training philosophies: "Simple, done well”

A lot of athletes and coaches alike are guilty of falling victim to the latest trends, being influenced by the latest studies or the hottest new methodologies on the scene. The simple truth is that most of the time, these hot new products and methods are really nothing new, they are just rehashed and repackaged, often watered down versions of age-old ideas.

We are getting to the stage where there is almost nothing new under the sun. To quote the great Charles R. Poliquin, “there is nothing new in strength training, it has all been done over and over”. When it comes to achieving optimal results, the scientists and researchers are often biased or funded to support a particular argument or product. This makes it very difficult to cut through the bullshit and find the best way for you to achieve the results you desire. Now by no means am I condemning the entire scientific community in our industry as charlotans - I am simply pointing out an unfortunate reality in our field of specialisation. The truth is that you need to really scrutinise every study you read these days.

With that said, I am constantly seeing trainers and coaches compromising optimal results with their athletes by getting sucked into these fads and traps. I could reel off a list of tacky fads and bullshit equipment I have seen on the market lately, but that would not serve my purpose. My sole intention in this piece is to encourage all you athletes, trainers and coaches to really question your “why” for doing what you are doing on the gym floor. If what you are doing does not line up with your “why”, then cut it out.

It is so easy to waste time on the gym floor, and at times it can be so difficult to make significant gains. So I encourage you to not get sucked into the latest fads, trends and traps. Stay true to your “why” and what you really value. Attempt to get the basics right and do “simple, done well”, before looking to overcomplicate things with junk science and expensive gadgets.

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