#15 Phil Daru – The Unknown Strength Podcast

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Did you feel that?!? That was the the earth shaking as the latest episode of The Unknown Strength Podcast just dropped! In our longest running episode to date (around 2 1/2 hours!), we were privileged to be joined by coach Phil Daru. Phil is the head Strength and Conditioning coach over at American Top Team, Coconut Creek, Florida – where …

Yas Parr


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Mac: Alright, thanks very much for joining us again on the Unknown Strength podcast. This is episode number 6. I have with me a very special guest Mr. Yas Parr, who is a strength and conditioning coach, both online and in person. Yas is an author as well as a Poliquin group education instructor and a heavy hitter over there …

Training the Aerobic energy systems

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Over the last 15 years or so, it has become popular to dislike and avoid training the aerobic energy systems for high performance athletes in the combat sports. I know, I was a hater. There are a lot of convincing arguments on both sides as to why you should or should not include training the aerobic energy systems. These days …