#09 James Cant - The Unknown Strength Podcast

#09 James Cant – The Unknown Strength Podcast

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On the latest episode of The Unknown Strength Podcast, Episode #09, Brenton Mc and Macgregor McNair sat down with James Cant – Australia’s first ever IFBB Men’s Physique Pro. Ever diligent in his acquisition of knowledge, James Cant IFBB Pro is a Medical Scientist, a Pro Trainer, Founder of JamesCantFitness.com and the The JCF Shred Community. He shares with us …

Lower body strength training for strikers

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It is no secret that I am the world’s biggest proponent of strength training for fight athletes, but the thing that sparked my interest in writing this piece was a conversation I overheard between two boxers recently. I will spare you the specifics, but in essence one boxer was trying to argue that it is pointless for boxers to train …