The Trap 3 Raise – exercise tutorial

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– As part of our new exercise tutorial series, we have decided to share our upper body stabilisation exercise protocols. First up, the DB Trap 3 raise! The Trap 3 Raise is an excellent exercise, particularly in a structural balance training phase, for strengthening the scapula retractors and building stability through the the shoulder joint. The key here is to …

Brenton McKiterick back squat

Squat technique: Maximising Glute drive

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In the opinion of many titans in the strength and conditioning field, the barbell back squat is the single most beneficial of the compound movements for athletic development. It’s application can have significant benefits for the development of relative & maximal strength, hypertrophy and rate of force (speed, power). In this short article, I will be discussing some technical details …

Bench Press

Bench Press Technique: Foot placement and floor drive

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One misconception about the bench press which I continually come across is that the bench press is a chest exercise. While it is true, the chest is the region of the body which is home to a prime mover muscle group of the bench press movement (the pectorals), I would argue that the bench press when performed optimally is a …

Lower body remedial exercises for fight athletes

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Lifting heavy is awesome, I’m not going to lie. It’s one of the most incredibly rewarding things anyone can do with their life. But like a lot of things in life, if you don’t spend some time on the foundations, the whole thing can come collapsing down. For fight athletes there is a long list of benefits from strength training …

Apryl Eppinger

Orthopaedic profiling for fight athletes

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The subject of education for strength coaches can be a polarising one. On the one hand, you will find a bunch of coaches who are hungry to learn, grow, develop their knowledge and skill-set to become the very best they can at their craft. On the other hand you will find a bunch of less passionate individuals who, for one …