#24 Dan Garner - The Unknown Strength Podcast

#24 Dan Garner – The Unknown Strength Podcast

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** Please like/share/subscribe/rate/review this episode ** On episode #24 we had the honour of being joined by the high-level nutrition specialist, Mr. Dan Garner. Currently in Melbourne with the Australian leg of his Seminar tour, Dan Garner was able to join your host Macgregor McNair in studio for an incredibly insightful chat about all things related to nutrition and supplementation …

#16 Sy Nadji [Boa Super 8 Series] – The Unknown Strength Podcast

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On episode #16 of The Unknown Strength Podcast, Brenton and Macgregor sit down with Melbourne’s Muay Thai mogul, owner of Outliers Promotions, Sy Nadji. Sy is also the owner of renowned Melbourne training centres, William Street Gym and Box On North. Outliers Promotions is the driving force behind Australia’s premier Muay thai events, Rebellion Muay Thai and Roots Muay Thai. …

Single Lying Leg Curl – Exercise Tutorial

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In the second instalment of our lower body stabilisation series of exercise tutorials, we feature the Single Lying Leg Curl. In terms of complexity of movement, this exercise is relatively basic. In terms of overall benefits to the structural balance of fight athletes, this exercise is absolutely underrated. There are many variations of this basic movement including different foot positions, …