#13 Dr. Jordan Shallow – The Unknown Strength Podcast

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—- [PRO RAW X Powerlifting Special] Join Macgregor and special guest co-host Ben Machar for episode #13 of The Unknown Strength Podcast. In this brand new episode, Dr. Jordan Shallow stops by to discuss all things Chiropractic, strength training related, and his experience competing at the PRO RAW X Powerlifting event held at the Arnold Classic 2018 event in Melbourne. …

Brenton McKiterick back squat

Squat technique: Maximising Glute drive

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In the opinion of many titans in the strength and conditioning field, the barbell back squat is the single most beneficial of the compound movements for athletic development. It’s application can have significant benefits for the development of relative & maximal strength, hypertrophy and rate of force (speed, power). In this short article, I will be discussing some technical details …

Which kind of squat is suitable for the fight athlete?

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I have heard many convincing arguments over the years about who should be doing which kind of squat to which depth, with which degree of knee progression over the foot etc. The proponents of each kind of squat methodology can tend to fiercely defend their position, with little concern for alternative and sometimes more effective ways of doing things. As …