The Trap 3 Raise – exercise tutorial

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– As part of our new exercise tutorial series, we have decided to share our upper body stabilisation exercise protocols. First up, the DB Trap 3 raise! The Trap 3 Raise is an excellent exercise, particularly in a structural balance training phase, for strengthening the scapula retractors and building stability through the the shoulder joint. The key here is to …

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Periodisation for Structural Balance

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If you have been following my writing, you will have noticed that I place a lot of importance on the development of structural balance for beginners to strength training. With regard to fight athletes, I maintain that the importance of adequate levels of structural balance cannot be understated. For optimal performance in strength training for any athletic development, I would …

Upper body remedial exercises for fight athletes

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For grapplers and MMA fighters, sometimes the strength of your rotator cuff, scapula retractors and other shoulder stabilising musculature can be the difference between escaping and getting caught in an armbar, kimura or other upper extremity submission. The strength of your shoulder’s stabilising musculature is really your last line of defence when it comes to escaping the arm-based submission. Your …