The Trap 3 Raise – exercise tutorial

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As part of our new exercise tutorial series, we have decided to share our upper body stabilisation exercise protocols. First up, the DB Trap 3 raise!
The Trap 3 Raise is an excellent exercise, particularly in a structural balance training phase, for strengthening the scapula retractors and building stability through the the shoulder joint.

The key here is to fully depress and retract the shoulder blade, increasing the distance between your ear and your collar bone - this will ensure you are engaging the lower trap fibers and the Rhomboids (scapula retractors), which are the targeted muscles.

Be sure to begin each set using your non-dominant arm first, then mirror the same amount of reps on your dominant side.
This exercise is a great option for both strikers and grapplers, to build strength, stability and resilience through the shoulder to withstand the punishment inflicted by the combat sports.

Special thanks to coach Nadia Piazza and Matt Cleave.

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